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Rohto C cube-based solutions

Rohto C cube-based solutions

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Product Introduction

"Roth C cube-based solutions software and hardware for the storage and rinse 300ml" is, by using in conjunction with the bio-drop, speculated not bear a variety of dirt on the lens by the action of bio, to clear without leaving the washing you finish. In addition, surface-active agent "poloxamer" is, moist wrap the surface of the lens with water coating, improve the fit of the eye. Always comfortable fit is obtained. It can be used for all of the contact lens.

Ingredients / Materials

Sodium chloride, poloxamer, sodium chondroitin sulfate


· In use, please read the instruction manual. * This product, please use in conjunction with funnel C cube bio drop . • Always rinse please attach the lens from. - Please do not direct eye drops because it is not a eye drops.
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