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Pigeon Baby Lip Gel (7G)

Pigeon Baby Lip Gel (7G)

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Product Introduction

"Pigeon baby lip gel 7g", since they use the lips of the baby, is a baby lip balm Tsukuriageta 100% food ingredients. Since moisten gentle, dry skin tend lips also, in moist Purupuru. Because the smooth gel type, extending straight, does not have a sticky feeling reluctant baby. Vegetable ceramide-containing rice extract (ceramide k). Olive oil (moisturizer) formulation. Hypoallergenic, non-colored, fragrance-free, paraben-free. Peel off irritating tested by Kawafu psychiatrists. (Not all of does not occur skin trouble for those.) ※ The ceramide k, is the name of raw materials, including Komenukasufingo glycolipid.

Product Use

Take an appropriate amount to the fingertips, please apply to gently lips.

Ingredients / Materials

Tri (caprylate / caprate), glyceryl, glycerin, polyglyceryl myristate -10, water, benzoic acid, olive oil, tocopherol, polyglyceryl oleate -10, lecithin, rice bran oil, Komenukasufingo glycolipid


● When your skin does not fit, also, please do not use the site of abnormal, such as scratches and eczema. ● During use, if abnormalities such as redness, swelling and itching and irritation appears, discontinue use, please consult to, such as skin doctor. And continue to accept Symptoms may worsen. ● When the eyes, please rinse immediately with clean water. ● Please keep out of reach of children. ● extremely high temperature and low temperature, humid place, please do not put in place in direct sunlight. ● drool, it may turn white when mixed in water or the like, but this is due to this product is cream by moisture. Please use stretched as it is. ● Because this product is container, cap is small, please be careful to accidental ingestion of children. ● This product is not food.
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