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Noguchi Medical Research Institute Kyushu Soft-shelled turtle 60 Capsules

Noguchi Medical Research Institute Kyushu Soft-shelled turtle 60 Capsules

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Product Introduction

Soft-shelled turtle is a material that has been eaten since ancient times in Japan, contains linoleic acid and iron. Koryo to soft-shelled turtle of Kyushu ginseng, vitamin E In addition, those who want to spend cheerfully every day, will cheer those who take care to beauty. (Artificial coloring, preservatives are not used.)

Product Use

As food, please enjoy a guideline for about two tablets a day with water or the like.

Ingredients / Materials

[Ingredients] Turtle powder, reduced maltose syrup, ginseng powder, cellulose, vitamin E, stearic acid Ca, particulate silicon oxide [Nutritional facts (per two tablets 700mg)] Energy 1.2kcal Protein 0.14g Lipid 0.02g Carbohydrate 0.45g Sodium 0.71mg Vitamin E 3.6mg [Major component display daily intake recommended dose (per two tablets 700mg)] Soft-shelled turtle the end of 200mg Ginseng the end of 20mg


· In the unlikely event you disagree with, please discontinue use. - a person with allergies, please check the raw materials. • During diet, people in or breastfeeding during treatment, please consult your doctor. - after opening as soon as possible, please enjoy tightly closed plug. 【Preservation method】 Direct sunlight, please save to avoid the heat and humidity.
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