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Mineral Essence Make-up Base Enriched Cream EX (Fresh Beige)

Mineral Essence Make-up Base Enriched Cream EX (Fresh Beige)

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Product Introduction

Moisturizes your skin, locks it in, and protects your skin from drying out while eliminating dullness and evening out your complexion. Prevents smudging and flaking due to dryness and gives your foundation a beautiful, long-lasting finish. The creamy gel formula adheres to your skin, evening out its texture to keep make-up in place. Contains light diffusing powder that also covers wrinkles and pores. Continue to give moisture for a long time, turn off color unevenness & dullness by drying. Hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid, which can incorporate more moisture than traditional hyaluronic acid, contains HIRORO CATCH (R). Continue moisture for a longer period of time, and prepare it for skin with transparent feeling without dullness by drying. Clear ocher: Skin that is worrisome for yellow corner, natural and transparent skin. Fresh Beige: To the skin of which red corrosion is anxious, natural skin with a more transparent feeling than somewhat yellow. ~ Skin care ingredient formulation ~ ◎ Hiaro catch (R) * 1 ◎ Wakan Moisture Extract * 1 ◎ eggshell membrane extract * 2

Ingredients / Materials

Water / BG / glycerin / dimethicone / neopentylglycol diethylhexanoate / cyclopentasiloxane / triethylhexanoin / PEG-10 dimethicone / synthetic fluorofugopite / squalane / tocopherol / hydrolyzed eggshell membrane / carboxymethyl hyaluronic acid Na / Otaneninjin Root extract / Mayorana leaf extract / Wild time extract / palmitic acid / PEG-400 / methyl methacrylate crosspolymer / sulfuric acid Mg / polymethylsilsesquioxane / trimethylsiloxysilicic acid / dimethylsilylated silica / palmitic acid dextrin / (dimethicone / Vinyl dimethicone) Cross polymer / sulfuric acid Ba / cellulose acetate / hydrogen dimethicone / (+/-) / titanium oxide / iron oxide / talc / mica / stearic acid / hydroxide Al
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