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Maru-chan cup wonton 28gX4 bags flavored soy sauce

Maru-chan cup wonton 28gX4 bags flavored soy sauce

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Product Introduction

Directly connected flavor and the wonton, familiar wonton soy sauce product names and separate the design in terms of the straight. On the side menu of a lunch box or rice balls, it is a "wonton soup" of snug-affordable price. Wonton is, good smooth mouthfeel and Tsuru' wonton. Also snacking in wonton 28g is affordable size. And fragrant sesame flavor, the spices such as ginger, pepper, the more of good taste sour was asked soy sauce soup will not be relieved. Guzai is, eggs, green onions, sesame seeds. Wonton soy sauce is a pack of taste.

Ingredients / Materials

Fried wonton (flour (domestic production), vegetable oil, taste with pork, powdered vegetables, salt), the accompanying seasoning (salt, soy sauce, chicken extract, sesame seeds, powder vegetables, dextrin, green onions, hydrolyzed protein, flavoring oils and fats , spices, vinegar), gunpowder (eggs) / seasoning (such as amino acids), polysaccharide thickener, caramel color, carotene pigment, brine, antioxidants (vitamin E), acidulant, flavoring, (wheat in part - including eggs, milk ingredients, sesame soy chicken, pork gelatin)
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