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HABA Pikuesu

HABA Pikuesu

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Product Introduction

Women of healthy, support a healthy beauty. I was focused on the pine bark Pycnogenol. Starring Pycnogenol, squalene, is a supplement that is well-balanced blending such as vitamin E. Pycnogenol is an extract mined from the bark of native to the coast of the southwestern part of France "maritime pine", and contains several types of flavonoids and organic acids. <I recommend this hotel for> Gentle and comfortable for women who want to spend ◎ ◎ If you want to be beautiful and young ◎ If you want to spend a snappy call a middle-aged life Estimated 90 grains ※ 1 day 2 to 4 tablets

Ingredients / Materials

The main contents of components in a grain (400mg · contents 250mg): energy 3kcal / vitamin E 56mg / Pycnogenol 15mg / squalene 139mg Ingredients: squalene (deep-sea shark liver oil refined oil) / gelatin / vegetable oil (containing vitamin E) / maritime pine bark extract (Pycnogenol) / glycerin / beeswax Allergenic substances display item of interest: gelatin
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