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Glow Twin Color - 01 White Beige

Glow Twin Color - 01 White Beige

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Product Introduction

Glittering like studded stardust! Base and highlight a new sense shadow. Show Product Description High brightness Pearl brighten the eyelid to correct the skin color eye shadow to create a three-dimensional feeling. Base color to show the neat clean the eyes to take a bear-dullness around the tone up base ... eyes. Elegant and put the entire clear shine! Eyelid, also piled the color eye shadow from above, even with a single color OK. Urumi highlight ..... inner corner of the eye, brow under, highlight color that gives the brightness and shine like stardust under the eyes. Shine UP with on top of eye shadow!

Product Use

(1) highlight inner corner of the eye, under the brow, under the eyes. With superimposed on the eye shadow, shine UP. (2) to the entire base eyelid. Taking a dull, bright.

Ingredients / Materials

Squalane, dimethicone, hydroxyalkyl (C16-18) hydroxy die merge linoleyl ether, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, tocopherols, (+/-) mica, distearate Al, talc, silica, iron oxide, ultramarine, synthetic phlogopite, oxidation titanium, red 226, sulfuric acid Ba
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