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Friendly mom half top LL-3L peach pink

Friendly mom half top LL-3L peach pink

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Product Introduction

Commitment to function and materials, is a half-top for nursing in pursuit of comfort. ◇ pursuit of comfort of Mom 3 ways and open function of, such as the size adjustment function, is a half-top for nursing in pursuit of comfort. ◇ choose a nursing open function Open function of three ways to choose, you can breast-feeding in your favorite style. ● front open Open and close the left and right by removing the one-touch tape, you can breast-feeding out the entire bust ● Cross Open Only turn in one hand without removing the hooks and buttons, you can breast-feeding. ● strap open If the opening and closing in the hook, you can breast-feeding while fixing the bust of one. ◇ comfortable in a flat back Without the use of such hook on the back, because it is flat, you can also wear comfortable when you are sleeping. ◇ pile under bust to the deviation In wide-under to prevent the shift, support the gently bust. ◇ with pocket convenient cup Once you put your hand cup, after going out at the time and Sotsuchichi it can also be worn with confidence. ※ cup is not included in this product. ◇ gently fit the body Stretch cotton stretch of good soft touch will fit gently to the body. You can adjust the size to fit the body type with an underscore and the front of the shoulder strap. Material] Cotton 95% polyurethane 5% 【standard】 M-L bust 86㎝-101㎝ L-LL bust 93㎝-108㎝ LL-3L top bust 100㎝ - 115㎝ enter one ※ This is LL-3L: a top-bust 100㎝-115㎝.


One touch tape please wash in the closed state. Tumble dry, please avoid. - Please use a non-fluorescent detergent. Because there is, color fall fear that, please wash separately from those of white goods and light-colored. - standing for a long time of immersion and wet, please be avoided.
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