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freeplus moist repair cream 40g

freeplus moist repair cream 40g

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Product Introduction

Aging care line medicated moisturizing cream Given the Hari elasticity in touch with a full-bodied, and leads to bouncy such plump skin.

Ingredients / Materials

Active ingredient Active ingredient Niacin B ※ 1 formulation <horny Protection> ※ 1: nicotinic acid amide Ingredients Six Wakan plant mixed extract combination <Moisturizing> (Gymnastics, citrus unshiu peel, the person, Coix, Kanzouyou-Sinensis) Spruce extract combination <moisturizing> Hyaluronic acid <moisturizing> Collagen <moisturizing> Paraben additive-free No fragrance-free coloring Alcohol (ethanol) additive-free UV absorber additive-free Mineral oil additive-free Mild acidity Allergy test, patch test ※ 2, stinging test ※ 3 already. All does not mean that the allergies and skin problems and irritation does not occur to people. ※ 2: The patch test, is a way to test put the cosmetics to the skin. ※ 3: The stinging test is a test to confirm tingling, the presence or absence of irritation such as tingling.
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