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For cold Pitabebi (input 12 sheets)

For cold Pitabebi (input 12 sheets)

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Product Introduction

"Cold pita cooling sheet 8 hours 12 pieces for the baby" is a cooling sheet that provides excellent cooling effect. In moisture plenty of gel, cool 8 hours cooling until the morning. The moisture content of the high water-soluble bases PAC-55 was 85%. By the heat of vaporization of moisture contained plenty in the sheet, it will persist high cooling effect is about 8 hours. So cool until the morning. It eliminates the need to change together. Moreover adhesion is strong, yet blending less polyacrylic acid tackifier of skin irritation. Less likely to peel off even hit the turn over, also, gentle to the skin, it is hard sheet rash. Size and the cold feeling of the perfect baby. Moreover, non-colored, fragrance-free. So as not to Shimawa eat accidentally, bitter component was also formulated. ※ With the commodity renewal, the design of the package there is a possibility to mix old and new. There is no change of the components and the like.

Product Use

● Peel off the transparent film, please copy and paste the part you want to cool. ● If you are sweating, it will be bad is sticking, please use the well blowing. In addition, if the repeated re-paste, is sticking it will be bad, please avoid as much as possible. ● If you leave storage such as in the refrigerator, you get even higher cooling effect (Please do not put in the freezer compartment). ● cooling effect lasts for about 8 hours (there is that the cooling time is shortened by the degree of heat generation. When it is no longer feeling the effects, please replace it.). ● your use of this product, function and on hygiene, please as a one-time one.

Ingredients / Materials

● Ingredients: parabens, edetate, polysorbate 80, glycerin ● friendly weakly acidic skin ● skin specialist due to skin irritation tested (※) (※) does not mean that skin irritation does not occur in all people.


● infants, such as body Disabled people, when the use of it is difficult to use on their own, or paste in the mouth and nose, so you may not be able to breathe and to allow it to enter the mouth, always guardian or the original of nursing's director, please use extreme caution. ● uncomfortable feeling to the skin (itching, pain, and redness) or feel, abnormal skin (Halle, rash, etc.) and may appear, please discontinue use immediately if you feel does not match the skin. If the abnormality is left in the skin to bring this product, please consult your doctor. ● around the eyes, mucous membranes, and skin abnormalities (wound, burns, burns, eczema, such as sunburn) Please do not use in an area of. ● ate by mistake, please consult your doctor if any abnormality is out. ● When the gel dries, the cooling effect, adhesive strength will be reduced, the unused portion is placed in the bag, firmly bend the opening hole, please in the manner sheet is not exposed to the outside air. ● Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature location, please keep in a cool place if possible. ※ Since this product is not a drug, please use as an adjunct to heat cool. Please consult your doctor if you high fever and fever followed.
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