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For between corn pads finger

For between corn pads finger

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Product Introduction

"Wart-off corn pads 10 pieces for between the fingers" is a plaster for the shoe-corn to protect from oppression pain of shoes. We use of acrylic resin special material, relieve the pain of corn and octopus by the pressure and friction of shoes excellent cushioning properties.

Product Use

Clean wash your feet, please painful part, such as corn from the dry well is put directly to the skin so that the center of the hole in the pad.


1. When you peel off the pad from the mount, please note so that the pad is not torn. 2. If there is a wound or inflammatory site, please do not directly hit the surface marked with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. 3. If you are itching and rash appeared in the use of this product, please discontinue use immediately. 4. air bubbles on the surface there is no problem in the performance of the product.
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