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Fermented black garlic black vinegar (72G)

Fermented black garlic black vinegar (72G)

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Product Introduction

The product is a dietary supplement containing a combination of fermented black garlic extract as a main component. Black vinegar blended.

Product Use

Water or this product to guide the 4 tablets per day as food, please enjoy with hot water.

Ingredients / Materials

Linseed oil, fermented black garlic extract, black vinegar mash powder, black vinegar extract powder, emulsifier (glycerin fatty acid ester, beeswax), vitamin E, vitamin B1, Hitsutsumizai (some of the gelatin, glycerin, caramel color) (raw materials including soy)

Ingredients / Materials

Fermented black garlic ... 300mg black vinegar extract powder ... 50mg mash powder ... 100mg vitamin B1 ... 10mg


Avoid the heat and humidity and direct sunlight, please store in a cool place.
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