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Dr. Scholl MediQtto Long Compression Socks with Toe Separators

Dr. Scholl MediQtto Long Compression Socks with Toe Separators

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Product Introduction

Relaxation Medikyutto toes refresh long peach pink is wearing pressure socks to gently refresh the toes while tightening the leg. Not only when relaxing, sleeping stage pressure design that can be used even when that (foot arch 18hPa · ankle 20hPa · calf 15hPa · thigh 10hPa). In toe separators, to refresh the sole and toes tired in the heel. It is kidnapping and easy comfort in a cotton towel-like fabric. Long types that support the entire leg. [L Size] Height: 155-165cm, thigh: 47-53cm, calf: 34-42cm, ankle: 21-25cm, foot: 23-25cm [Size M] Height: 150-160cm, thigh: 43-49cm, calf: 30-38cm, ankle: 19-23cm, foot: 22-24cm

Ingredients / Materials

Cotton, nylon, polyester, polyurethane


● If you are not familiar with some of the support force socks, you may first tight feel. ● If you feel uncomfortable, please do not use to continue for a long time. ● If you are new to the product, after receiving the trial before 1-2 hours, please use.


1. If there is a severe blood circulation failure, please do not use. 2. Those who of the following, please consult your doctor before wearing. Diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, arterial disease, congestive heart failure, inflammatory disease, who are treated with such neurological disorders of the mounting site. 3. Upon wear, please note the following things. (1) Please do not wear things that do not match the size and 2-ply with. (2) Please do not be wrinkles and sagging during use. (3) Please stretched will not curl the dough under the knee. Please have the stomach remains straight without folded mouth rubber. 4. or feel sick, discomfort, such as pain and numbness, itching, please discontinue use immediately if you feel the rash abnormal. 5. In order to prevent the deformation of the product, please do not use or store in a state in which the twisted.
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