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Domestic Morinakakuro Oolong tea (3Gx15 packages)

Domestic Morinakakuro Oolong tea (3Gx15 packages)

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Product Introduction

"Morinakakuro oolong tea" is a blend of indigenous du zhong tea (the Kagoshima + Tokushima Prefecture) and the organic oolong tea (Nara Prefecture) by 50%, it is safe secure and delicious Morinakakuro oolong tea. Health tea that mixes the action of the effect and oolong tea du zhong tea. If the salt sparingly, for those who like cooking oil, is recommended. Oolong tea Eucommia leaf and domestic organic cultivation of domestic weave, please enjoy the mellow world. Drink every day, let's improve the living habits.

Product Use

Please pour slowly to take the boiling water put the pack in a teapot and a teapot or mug that was allowed to warm to pack. You can immediately if it is possible to slightly shake the pack with a tag. Please put the kettle off the string to remove the tag retrieves the «case of the kettle» pack with a pair of scissors. Boil pour water, it is ready to stop the fire boils. Please have gotten in hot or ice. Estimated water is 1 liter to 1.5 liters for one pack. Tetra Pak is fine out of it because the deals tea.

Ingredients / Materials

Eucommia leaf, oolong tea


● When you pour the hot water, careful not to burn in such hot water. ● After opening, please save tighten the chuck seal. ● Please save to avoid the heat and humidity.
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