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[3rd-Class OTC Drug] Mentholatum Medical Lip NC (8.5g)

[3rd-Class OTC Drug] Mentholatum Medical Lip NC (8.5g)

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Product Introduction

For cracked and peeling lips. For inflammation of the lips and corners of the lips, treating with the proper medicine is important. Mentholatum Medical Lip NC is an effective lip balm for treating irregularities of the lips. Allantoin increases the speed at which your lips replenish damaged skin, while vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride) increases the skin's metabolism to repair cracks. No cooling ingredients are included, so it is gentle on sensitive lips. Easy to apply, and in a convenient tube case, perfect for carrying! "Mentholatum Medical Lip nc 8.5 g" treats chapped lips firmly with five active ingredients, moist and moist. · Allantoin: Promotes repair of rough lips. · Vitamin E derivatives: It promotes blood circulation and is effective for roughness caused by cheilitis. · Vitamin B6: Promotes skin metabolism. · Glycyrrhetinic acid: Suppresses inflammation of the lips. · Cetyl pyridinium chloride hydrate: bactericidal action. - No menthol blend, easy to use even sensitive lips.

Uses / Indications

Of lip cracking, sores of the lips, cheilitis, angular cheilitis

Recommended Dosage

Several times a day, please apply the appropriate amount to the affected area. ● Note related to the dosage and administration (1) Be careful not to enter the eye. In the event that reaches the eyes, wash immediately with water or lukewarm water. It should be noted that, to receive the medical care of an ophthalmologist if symptoms are severe. (2) If you want to use in children, it is used under the supervision of their parents. (3) be used only for external use of the lip.

Ingredients / Materials

Active ingredient tocopherol acetate (vitamin E derivative) ... 0.2% glycyrrhetinic acid ... 0.3% pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) ··· 0.1% allantoin ... 0.5% cetylpyridinium chloride hydrate ... as 0.1% additive, glycerol stearate, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, liquid paraffin, vaseline, medium chain fatty acid triglycerides, white beeswax, containing polyethylene, parabens, BHT, dextrin palmitate, dimethylpolysiloxane.


● can consult 1. The following people to consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller before use. (1) awful person of the person (3) wetting and sores that may have had allergic reactions caused by such as for people (2) a drug that received medical attention. 2. After use, because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, stop using it immediately, to consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller with the outer box. Kawafu: If the redness, rash, the symptoms are often not be used itch 3. 5-6 days, discontinue use and consult with the outer box doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller thing.

Storage Information

(1) To keep sealed in a cool place not exposed to direct sunlight. (2) Keep out of reach of children. (3) Do not replaced with other container. (Change the quality or causing the abuse.) (4) product past the expiration date must not be used. It should be noted that, even within the expiration date, will be used as soon as possible after opening once. ※ When the air temperature, such as winter formulations is difficult to take harder when low, please use the warm by hand.
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